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  • Kerry Hodges

Website update...

In the near future my website will be growing with two new pages. One not so exciting but I feel is important in todays enviroment, however the other I am thrilled about. I will be adding a page about my practice during the Coronavirus how I will be keeping everyone safe and how you can help keep yourself and others safe during your practice.


The other, my yoga sister and I have been exploring and practicing the art of yoga play. Some may have aleady seen or been to some of our classes. So I want to dive into the details of our workshops, bringing you a new way of exploring your bodies and allowing your Visuddha chakra to open up allowing your creativity to flow.

two yogi sisters allowing our viuddha chakra to flow!

"The secret of getting ahead, is getting started"

Thankyou for reading, stay creative.

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