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A Bit About Me

Dedicated to Wellbeing

My name is Kerry and I currently offer services in yoga, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage and Reiki, spa days and transformation packages.


My background is in nursing where my training followed a very holistic model – viewing the person as a whole (mind, body, spirit), rather than separate parts of a whole. After 23 years in the NHS I found myself back at my roots with a rekindled passion for encouraging people to explore their own ability to heal themselves, maintain their own health with simple lifestyle choices and with the aid of natural and complementary methods.

I have a very keen interest in fitness as well as health and embarked on my own fitness journey in 2013 where I found a love of Cross-fit, weight lifting, strength training and running.  Having suffered with anxiety and depression I found exercise really helped with my mental and emotional wellbeing as well as offering physical benefits.  Interestingly there is a certain amount of mindfulness and control of breath required when lifting heavy weights.  I discovered this focus of mind, breath and body helped with my state of mind. For even a few moments of living in the here and now has a calming effect on the mind. During this time I also observed and experienced injury, through poor form, from not warming up or cooling down properly or at all!  All of this brought me back to and rekindled my passion for yoga, which had already been part of my life on and off for 18 years.   I studied and explored this ancient art on a deeper level, completing a 200 hr teacher-training program in 2017. I discovered how it can help to strengthen, prepare, calm and heal the body, mind and spirit for everyday life and other events, as well as prevent injury and aid recovery.  


This fuelled a desire for further learning in complementary alternative therapies so I also studied aromatherapy, massage and Reiki...and 'Sycamore Holistics' was born. 

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Be your own kinda Warrior 😎 _This week we will sit in them, explore them and flow through
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