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A Bit About Me

Dedicated to Wellbeing

I've been a nurse for 30 years and currently practice as a very part time advance nurse practitioner with a particular interest in COPD, diabetes and EVERYTHING lifestyle. Small lifestyle modifications can have such a huge impact on the prevention and management of many long term conditions but are largely undervalued.  My training followed a very holistic model – viewing the person as a whole (mind, body, spirit), rather than separate parts of a whole. After 23 years purely in the NHS I found myself back at my roots with a rekindled passion for encouraging people to explore their ability to heal themselves  and maintain their health with simple lifestyle choices and the aid of natural and complementary methods.

I have a very keen interest in fitness as well as health and embarked on my own fitness journey in 2013 where I found a love of Cross-fit, weight lifting, strength training and running.  Having suffered with anxiety and depression I found exercise really helped with my mental and emotional wellbeing as well as offering physical benefits.  Interestingly there is a certain amount of mindfulness and control of breath required when lifting heavy weights.  I discovered this focus of mind, breath and body helped with my state of mind. For even a few moments of living in the here and now has a calming effect on the mind.  

This rekindled my passion for yoga, which had already been part of my life on and off for 18 years.   I studied and explored this ancient art on a deeper level, completing a 200 hr teacher-training program in 2017. Yoga for me is so much more than just a physical practice, its a way of life, a philosophy, one that can support the life path you choose in so very many ways. 


This fuelled a desire to learn other holistic therapies so I studied aromatherapy, massage ( advanced deep tissue and hot stones) and Reiki. And 'Sycamore Holistics' was born. 

I've since complete additional courses in nutrition, yoga for athletes, EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping and near completion of a fitness instruction L2 qualification and  soon to start PT (Personal Trainer) level 3. I love sound therapy - this is on my to do list though I do use some sound in my classes.

These days as well as working as a nurse, yoga teacher and holistic practitioner I love spending time in nature, walking in the country with friends (and Rocky the black lab -sadly he's not mine) enjoying sunrises and sunsets, cold sea swimming, going to the gym , eating delicious plant foods and very much enjoy teaching in my home studio...with Tommy the deaf white cat often overlooking. 

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